MTV Accused Making Drugs Available to Amber Portwood, Other Stars

MTV may be in some hot water. According to new reports, Amber Portwood claims the network made drugs readily available to her. However, Amber’s problems didn’t start with her MTV career. The reality star says she’s been abusing drugs since she was 13.

Amber is currently serving a 5 year prison sentence after she refused to complete her court ordered drug rehab program.

According to the Herald Bulletin, Portwood said that her situation is a result of a decision she made when she joined “16 and Pregnant” and later “Teen Mom.” Looking back Amber says she wished she wouldn’t have allowed herself to be on television.

Meanwhile another ’16 and Pregnant’ star, Nikkole Paulun, says that the father of her child, Josh, was also enabled to do drugs by MTV. Are you shocked?

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