More Bad News for Gary Shirley

‘Teen Mom’ daddy, Gary Shirley, got some more bad news this week. Not only is the mother of his daughter, Amber Portwood, facing up to 5 years in jail, but he’s also having issues with others in his family.

Gary revealed to his fans that he came home to find his mother crying. The reason? Her husband asked for a divorce. ‘Teen Mom’ fans have come to like Gary’s momma, as she always seemed more than helpful when it came to helping with little Leah.

“It’s cool though I was texting her all night she’s a GEM and will find someone amazing cuz her hearts so big she’s good momma,” Gary said of his mom.

Shirley vented a little bit to his Twitter followers, and then thanked them for listening to his problems. Hopefully, things begin to turn around for Gary, as he has had a very stressful year so far. Good luck, Gary!

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