Maci Bookout to Kyle King — I Still Love You!

‘Teen Mom’ final season premiere had everyone emotional on Tuesday night, especially the ‘Teen Mom’ stars! There were many intense, and tear jerking moments throughout the two episodes, and it seems that Maci couldn’t hold back her emotion. (Check out the photo of Maci and Bentley watching the premiere!)

Fans watched as Kyle took charge in taking Bentley to daycare when he knew it was too hard for Maci to do. He was patient, sweet, and all around amazing with Bentley, and watching it back, Maci had to say something about her ex-boyfriend.

“I honestly don’t know what i would do without you,” Bookout tweeted to King. “Even if we aren’t together you’re my best friend! I love u and Bentley does too.”

Kyle responded by telling Maci that he loved her and Bentley too! Can’t these crazy kids just work it out already?! They’re so good together! Fans are rooting for them!

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