Briana DeJesus, Mackenzie Douthit, and Katie Yeager Likely Set for ‘Teen Mom 3’

‘Teen Mom’ fans are dying to know which ’16 and Pregnant’ girls have been chosen for ‘Teen Mom 3.’ Well, some have revealed that they have not been chosen, others are staying quiet, and a few are dropping hints!

Here’s who is VERY LIKELY to be on the show.

Mackenzie Douthit — Why?

  • Right from the start, MTV seemed to be featuring Mackenzie a little bit more than that other ’16 and Pregnant’ girls.
  • Also, she’s been spotted filming, which is a pretty good sign that she’s made the cut.
  • She’s tweeted about “future reunions.”

Katie Yeager — Why?

  • Katie says that big things are happening, but that she can’t talk about it, and we’ll have to wait and find out.
  • Katie and MacKenzie have formed a special bond, and have made plans for those “future reunions” together.

Briana DeJesus — Why?

  • For one, fans absolutely LOVED her, and it’s about time we seen a ‘Teen Mom’ who is a different ethnicity other than Caucasian!
  • During a Twitter spat with a girl who told her her 15 minutes of fame were over, Briana replied, “Don’t be mad when you start seeing more of me on your television screen.”

Who’s number 4?

Who do you think the fourth girl should be? Rumor has it that it might be Alex Sekella!

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