Kailyn Lowry Talks Introducing Babies and Boyfriends!

When your a ‘Teen Mom’ who is not in a relationship with the father of child, like Kailyn Lowry, (And the ‘Teen Mom’ stars minus Catelynn Lowell.) introducing your baby to your boyfriend can be tricky business.

“Introduce them when you’re still friends. Waiting until you’re together for a while & they don’t get along, you wasted your time with that person. This doesn’t mean you have them around all the time, just know they are comfortable together,” Kailyn advised.

Fans who follow Kail on Twitter know that she’s been in a relationship for the best seven months with her current boyfriend, Javi. The couple seem madly in love, and spend a lot of time together with Lowry’s adorable son, Isaac. It looks like Kailyn knows what she’s talking about.

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