What to Expect in ‘Teen Mom’ Season 4 — Maci and Ryan Drama!

The fourth and final season of ‘Teen Mom’ is set to air on MTV beginning June 12th! Now, fans are wondering what’s in store for our favorite young mothers.

For Maci Bookout, it’s going to be a wild and emotional ride. Here’s what fans can expect to see in the final season out of  Maci.

WATCH: The ‘Teen Mom’ Final Season Trailer!

  • Maci continues to juggle motherhood, school, and work.
  • She and boyfriend Kyle King have a few relationship ups and downs during the season. (The pair have since broken up.)
  • Maci’s ex-boyfriend, Ryan Edwards, begins dating a new girl, Dalis Connell, and there’s conflict within the situation. “This girl doesn’t have a chance,” Maci says. (Find out how Dalis responded to the comment here.)
  • Maci and Ryan are still trying to figure out how to co-parent successfully, and he’s still calling her names like “stupid,” during their arguments.
  • Her love for Bentley and mothering instinct always takes over, and guides her in all her life choices.

As for what we’ll miss when the show says it’s final goodbye! Maci and Bentley’s relationship ranks at the top of the list!

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