Ryan and Dalis — Here We Go Again

It looks like ‘Teen Mom’ dad, Ryan Edwards isn’t single after all. Just two days after his girlfriend, Dalis Connell, revealed that they split, and she caught him cheating, the pair seem to have gotten back together….again. (This is the 2nd make up, and break up this month!)

On Tuesday, Dalis and Ryan both tweeted that they were spending time together, which, according to Ryan, was “much needed.”

It looks like these two just can’t make up their minds about being a couple. It’s obvious they love each other, so of course, they’re trying to work things out.

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However, Bentley’s dad isn’t the only one having relationship drama. Ryan’s ex-girlfriend, Maci Bookout, recently split with her boyfriend, Kyle Regal, after he allegedly asked one of her friends for nude photos!


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