‘Teen Mom’ Q & A: Are Maci Bookout and Kyle King Still Together?

With the final season of ‘Teen Mom’ quickly approaching fans have been asking tons of questions. One of the most commonly asked is are Maci Bookout and Kyle King still together?

So, if you don’t have Twitter, or keep up with the latest gossip you don’t know what’s been going on in Maci’s life.

Here’s where it gets confusing. In the brand new season of ‘Teen Mom’ airing June 19th on MTV, Maci and Kyle are together, and continuing their relationship.

HOWEVER….after the season was filmed Bookout and King called it quits. The pair are still friends, although Kyle doesn’t see Bentley anymore.

Maci has moved on from the 2 year relationship, and is currently dating another Kyle – Kyle Regal, a motocross racer. Check out more recent updates on Maci here!