Rumor Patrol! Did Maci Bookout’s Sexting Caused Kyle King Break Up?

Another day, another ‘Teen Mom’ rumor. The newly founded tabloid, Reality Weekly, is claiming that Maci Bookout and Kyle King’s split was caused by Maci’s “dirty little sexting.”

“Sources” say that Maci is not at all what she appears to be on television, and when Kyle found out about her constant sexting, it ended the relationship.

“Maci always plays like she’s this sweet innocent, but the truth is she’s one of the most selfish, manipulative girls around,” the source says.  ”She’s terrified of people finding out how cold and calculating she can be.”

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Wow! Those are some harsh words. However, it seems that Maci and Kyle are at least friends. The former couple spent Memorial Day weekend together, before Bookout took off for NYC with the rest of the ‘Teen Mom’ cast.

On Wednesday, Kyle tweeted Maci asking her to come home. Is there a reconciliation in the future? Only time will tell.

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