Maci Bookout Missing Bentley Like Crazy

Poor Maci! The ‘Teen Mom’ is having a hard time with separation anxiety. Bookout and her adorable son, Bentley, are currently split up.

Why? Well, Maci Bookout was busy with her friends in Las Vegas to support her boyfriend, Kyle Regal, at a big motocross race. Meanwhile, Bentley has been bumming around the beach with his dad, Ryan Edwards, side of the family while on vacation.

However, Maci still misses her little man, and can’t wait to see him again. “I’d give anything for Bentley to be in bed with me right now… hope he is loving the beach,” Bookout tweeted.

It’s hard for a mom to be away from her child. Hopefully, Maci can find something to occupy her time until Bentley returns home to his mommy.

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