Maci Bookout and Kyle Regal Split?!

It looks like Maci Bookout and Kyle Regal have called it quits. Maci’s not saying, but all signs are pointing to her being a single lady yet again.

Maci spent the weekend traveling to support Kyle at one of his many motocross races. However, things took a bad turn. One of Maci’s friends tweeted that he’s was starting to hate all his friends boyfriends, and Maci replied “EX,” but later deleted it.

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Later, that friend accused Kyle of asking another girl for naked pics! It seems that Bookout’s dealing with more relationship drama. After messy break ups with Ryan Edwards and Kyle King, Kyle Regal can probably be added to that list.

Hopefully, is Maci and Kyle did break up, then she will spend her time doing what she does best, being a great mom to little Bentley. The right man will come along eventually….

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