Farrah Talks Teen Pregnancy, Opening Her Own Restaurant

‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s life is moving along quite nicely. The MTV star got off to a rocky start upon finding out she was pregnant in high school. However, since that time she’s built a great life for herself and daughter, Sophia.

Now, Farrah is dishing on the critics who think shows like ’16 and Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom’ are glamorizing teenage pregnancy, and opening her own restaurant.

“I hear this time and time again and my response is ‘Teen Mom’ shows the realities of teen pregnancy and the repercussions thereof,” Farrah told  Celebrity Baby Scoop. “In fact, the series shows how UN-glamorous and difficult our lives can be as a result of teen pregnancy. It is an educational documentary series and it serves to educate teens on the hardships of being a teen parent.”

So, what about Farrah’s future plans? She’s got it all covered. “I plan to move passed my bachelor’s to receive my master’s in international hospitality,” Farrah says. “I’m happy I get to use my knowledge and put it to work and I look forward to opening my first restaurant soon!”

It’s great to see Farrah so driven, and passionate about her life. Hopefully, fans will get to keep up with her progress even though the final season of ‘Teen Mom’ is about to begin airing on MTV.

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