Chelsea Houska Still Dealing With Adam Drama!?

‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska can’t seem to stay drama free when it comes to her baby daddy, Adam Lind. Recently, the fan favorite mom was sucked into some online drama caused by a couple of former friends.

The girls not only let Chelsea have it, but really laid into her sister, Emily, as well. One of the girls even claimed that Chelsea hooked up with Adam earlier this year, right before she bailed him out of jail when he was arrested for a DUI.

The girls also said that fame has gone to Chelsea’s head, and that she’s forgotten about some of her old friends. While fans will never know the whole story, it seems a lot of the ‘Teen Mom’ girls have lost friends since starring on the show. Perhaps, they are finding out who their true friends are in the process.

While Chelsea stayed mostly quiet while all the drama was going down, she did say that fans would see the “real story” in the next season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’  It certainly seems like the next two seasons of the show are going to be packed full of drama!


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