Amber Portwood Joining The Military!?

‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood in the military? It may happen. Amber, who is currently back in jail for the second time this year, reportedly wants to be all she can be in the army!

According to Reality Weekly, Portwood may be heading to the army to help her get her life together, and pay for college. Amber’s brother, Shawn, who is also a military man, is all for it.

“I’m encouraging her 100 percent all the way,” he said. However, this does leave one big problem. Amber’s daughter, Leah. Amber has already missed so much time with Leah, joining the army would only ensure more time apart.

But…if Amber doesn’t get her life in order then time away from Leah is inevitable. It’s a tough choice, but something needs to change for Amber!

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