Amber Portwood is Back in Jail!

‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood is back in jail…again. The embattled MTV star just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Amber was sent back to jail on May 10th for violating the terms of her court ordered drug program. Portwood has been participating int he program since February 16th, but apparently hasn’t been taking it very seriously.

Amber’s lawyer revealed that the drug program felt the ‘Teen Mom’ wasn’t fully committed to her recovery and treatment after a recent surgery.

“I think things came to light that she could have been doing more,” he told The Herald Bulletin. “It’s not uncommon to give a sanction in jail to get them back on track. ”

Amber Portwood won’t be released from the drug program, but she will likely be stuck behind bars for a week until the court has time to review her case. If the ‘Teen Mom’ doesn’t change her ways, she’ll be looking at some serious jail time.

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