Amber Portwood Asks To Go Back To Jail!

teen mom amber portwood‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood is stuck in the middle of a big downward spiral. The MTV star, who was released from jail last Friday, is now back behind bars. But this time, Amber asked to go back to jail!

According to TMZ, Portwood told an Indiana judge that she would rather spend hard time in prison than complete her drug rehab program. Amber has five years hanging over her head, but doesn’t seem to care much.

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She is currently being held in jail until a judge can see her. Amber’s problems have been well documented by ‘Teen Mom’ cameras, but many fans don’t seem to know the extent of her addiction. Rumor has it that Amber decided on jail so that she could quit her pill popping habit cold turkey.

It will be interesting to see how the judge rules on this one…

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