‘Teen Mom 3’ News — 3 Girls Already Confirmed For The New Series!?

It looks like entire cast of ‘Teen Mom 3’ has been found out. Well, almost. Three out of the four girls have already been picked. Let’s break it down.

Mackenzie Douthit was spotted filming last weekend at her prom. It seems she has been chosen for the new series, as fans have suspected. Viewers know Mackenzie as the blonde cheerleader with the rodeo loving boyfriend, and adorable baby boy, Gannon.

RadarOnline reports that Alex Sekella will also be on the show. Fans remember Alex as having the drugged out boyfriend, who refused to get a job and help her raise their daughter, Arabella.

The Ashley says that Katie Yeager is the the third girl filming for ‘Teen Mom 3.’ Katie is the mother of Molli, and had big plans for her future before getting pregnant. She and her boyfriend, Joey, hit a rough patch just before their daughter was born, but have seemingly been going strong since then.

One more girl is yet to be chosen for the show. However, the official announcement won’t be given by MTV until June. Many fans wanted to see Briana DeJesus on the show, but that may not be happening. We still have quite a bit of girls to see, and one of those could get the spot. Only time will tell.

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