Leah Messer — People Are Too Hard On Me!

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Messer says that people, including herself, are too hard on her. The MTV personality says that she can’t be perfect, and nobody should expect her to be.

“Sometimes I think everyone is too hard on me, or I’m too hard on myself. I can’t be perfect,” Leah tweeted. Are Messer’s haters getting to her?

Leah’s been taking a lot of heat for her decision to marry her second husband, Jeremy Calvert in early April. However, the couple are seemingly doing well, and are happy together with Leah’s adorable twin girls, Ali and Aleeah.

In the end, Leah is just a mom trying to figure out life, but she says she’s focused on being a great mom to her daughters no matter what happens. Do you think people are too hard on Leah?

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