Jenelle Evans — Why I Got a Boob Job

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans is taking a lot of heat for her recent boob job. The MTV star has been dealing with the media, and some critics on Twitter, who say that she should have spent that money on her son, Jace.

However, Jenelle says that the money used for her surgery took nothing away from Jace. In fact, Evans says that she pays her mother child support for her son, as well as has a college fund, and a trust fund set up for him.

So, why exactly did Jenelle get breast implants? Evans says she was “very insecure” about her smaller breasts, and is now “more confident” in her looks as a result of the surgery.

Jenelle’s fellow ‘Teen Mom’ stars, Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout had the same surgery, yet, did not take as much heat for the decision. (Especially Maci.) What gives?

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