Kieffer Delp Tells Why He Leaked Jenelle Evans Nude Photos

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans has more ex-boyfriend drama than any girl should. Her most notorious ex, Kieffer Delp, recently crossed the line, and released nude photos of the MTV star online.

Jenelle says that she is disgusted by the huge invasion of privacy, and that she did not consent to the photos, which are now plastered all over the internet.

Evans says that she was loopy on pain killers when Kieffer took the post surgery shots. As for the pre-surgery photos, Jenelle says that Delp took them without permission, and she told them to delete the photos.

So, why did Kieffer do it? “I would have never done it if she didn’t break my heart then talk sh**about me for it,” Delp said.

It looks like these photos were just another way for Kieffer Delp to get revenge on Jenelle Evans, but this time he went way too far…

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