Jenelle Evans — I’ve Got Dirt on Kieffer Delp!

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans is still rightfully angry at ex-boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, for selling nude photos of her to a gossip website. However, Jenelle has some dirt of her own on Kieffer.

According to the ‘Teen Mom,’ she has a secret about Kieffer that, if leaked, would be sure to stunt his sex life forever!

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“I get naked pics sold of me, but I kept Kieffer’s deepest darkest secrets,” Jenelle said on Thursday. “If anyone knew, no one would have sex with him.”

It doesn’t seem like Jenelle and Kieffer will be friends anytime soon. She also revealed that she wishes Kieffer had died. (Ouch!)

However, Evans isn’t spilling. Jenelle says that she’s only told her fiance, Gary Head, about the secret. So, what is it?

The obvious assumptions would be that either Kieffer has some sort of STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) or he’s terrible in the sack! (Yikes!) At least Jenelle has enough respect to keep it private. For now…

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