How the ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Spent Mother’s Day

How did MTV’s most famous young mom’s spend their Mother’s Day? With their adorable children, of course! Check out how each of the girls celebrated their special day below.

Maci – Maci spent the day with her son, Bentley, whom she had been separated from for a week. Bentley was on vacation with his grandparents (Ryan’s parents.) and Maci was glad to have him home!

Farrah – Farrah told her fans via Twitter that she was having a great day with her daughter, Sophia. The pair live in Florida, so a beach trip may have been in their plans.

Amber – Amber unfortunately spent her Mother’s Day in jail. The ‘Teen Mom’ was put back in the slammer on Friday after the court decided that she wasn’t taking her drug program seriously.

Catelynn – Catelynn and Tyler were glad to be home after a recent speaking engagement. Catelynn said that she had a ton of fun with her fans, but was happy to be back with her doggies.

Chelsea -Chelsea and Aubree spent their weekend together, and made a trip to the Omaha zoo. The adorable mother and daughter had a blast hanging out with the animals.

Jenelle – Jenelle and her boyfriend, Gary, spent a romantic weekend together before heading home on Sunday to be with her son, Jace, and her mother, Barbara. Jenelle and Gary cooked dinner for her family, and had a great time.

Kailyn -Kail spent her day with her boys, son, Isaac, and boyfriend, Javi. The three followed in Chelsea’s footsteps and hit up the zoo together.

Leah – Leah spent Mother’s Day with her twin girls, mom, Dawn, and hubby, Jeremy. The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star counted her blessings, revealing how lucky she felt to have such a wonderful family.