Katie Yeager Hinting About Starring on ‘Teen Mom 3?’

’16 and Pregnant’ star, Katie Yeager, is rumored to be one of the four girls chosen for MTV’s latest spin off, ‘Teen Mom 3.’

Of course, Katie can’t announce if she’s been chosen, but she did drop a big hint via Twitter.’ “There are so many things I wish I could say. But I’ll just keep it to myself and say this…..you’ll see,” Yeager said.

Some of the other girls from this season of ’16 and Pregnant,’ such as Hope Harbert, have already revealed that they have not been chosen for ‘Teen Mom 3.’ So…if not chosen, couldn’t Katie fess up to it? Maybe….

Until MTV decides to make the official announcement about the cast fans will have to wait patient and continue the guessing game on which four lucky girls will be the new set of ‘Teen Mom’ stars.

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