Maci Bookout Update!

Can’t wait until this Summer to find out what’s been going on with ‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout? Well, you’re in luck! Check out what Maci’s been up to since fans last saw her on season 3 of the original ‘Teen Mom.’

  • Maci and boyfriend, Kyle King, broke up
  • She hit Spring Break in Daytona with her friends
  • She’s been working for her college campus’ television news broadcast
  • Maci’s still in school, and continues to speak publicly about teen parenting, and safe sex.
  • She’s added to her tattoos, and her back is now nearly covered in ink.
  • Bentley has started t-ball!
  • She is currently dating a motocross racer named Kyle Regal.
  • The couple have a long distance relationship, and Maci flies all over the country to watch him race.
  • Bentley no longer sees Kyle King, because Maci doesn’t want to confuse him.
  • Maci and baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, have been getting along really well, even though he has a new girlfriend.

For more on what Maci Bookout has been up to, check out the last season of the original ‘Teen Mom’ which airs on MTV this Summer!