Maci Bookout Answers Random Fan Questions

‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout took some time out of her busy schedule to interact with her fans, and answer some super random questions. Check out these little known fact about Bentley’s mom!

  • She likes peanut butter more than ketchup
  • Her favorite Starbucks drink is a white chocolate mocha
  • If she can’t find matching socks, so goes without them
  • She started riding dirt bikes at age 5
  • The 3 things she can’t live without are Bentley, family, and friends
  • She drinks coffee, but doesn’t like tea
  • She loves bacon
  • Her high school softball jersey number was 7
  • She looks up to her parents more than anyone else
  • She craved pizza, lunchables, and radishes while pregnant
  • She likes shoes better than purses
  • She is 5’3″ and weighs 105 lbs
  • She can cook

Did you learn anything about Maci Bookout that you didn’t already know from her impromptu Q&A session?

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