Kailyn Lowry — Afraid To Be Alone?

‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry is just like every other young woman living on her own. The MTV star, like so many others, gets spooked from time to time about being alone in her home. (Who doesn’t?)

Kail revealed that she watched a creepy episode of ‘Dateline,’ where a woman found a man living in her basement, thanks to her cat, who wouldn’t stop looking at him! “Watched the Russell Williams Dateline episode & now I’m terrified to be alone in my own house,” Lowry wrote.

Of course, her boyfriend, Javi, couldn’t resist a little teasing, and tweeted “There’s a man hiding in your basement!” Kail said that the joke was “not funny,” and that she “needs a cat.”

This is a common problem for many young women. Remember to lock your doors, windows, and set your alarm system if you have one. Also, don’t hesitate to call the police if you think something is wrong! You can never be too careful!

Also….you might want to lay off the scary movies/shows before bed!

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