Jenelle Evans Updates Fans

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans has been missing from the internet lately. Jace’s mom deactivated her Twitter account, and has been keeping quiet about her current situation. Is she dating Kieffer again? Is she back with Gary? Rumors have been flying. So, Evans decided to give fans a little update via Facebook.

“Hey, this is Jenelle. I just wanted to say I’m doing good. [I] have a court date this Tuesday, and hopefully [will] be getting off probation. Don’t believe all the rumors that [have come] out lately. I’ll reactive my Twitter account once I get off probation.”

“I had to deactivate it because I had to, it was required so I can get off probation. I miss talking to everyone. [Love] you guys, and thanks so much for all the support!”

So, it looks like Jenelle will be back online next week after her court date. Until then, the rumors are likely to keep circulating.

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