Did Cops Chase Kieffer Delp Away from Jenelle Evans House?

teen mom 2 jenelle evans kieffer delpNew rumors have cops chasing Kieffer Delp away from ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans house. RadarOnline reports that Evans and Delp have been holed up in her home, and have been doing nothing but “having sex.”

“She has spent the past few days with Kieffer shut up in her apartment having sex,” told the website. “She’s only got days left of her probation and now she’s could end up back in jail because she’s not meant to be with him as he has a criminal record.”

“Cops arrived at Jenelle’s home Friday and chased Kieffer away. Nothing happened to Jenelle, at this time, but to say the police are sick of her and her drama would be an understatement,” the source added.

If these rumors are true they could hurt Jenelle Evans’ chances at having her probation ended next week in court.

Jenelle’s lawyer told TeenMomNews.com exclusively:

“The only reason her probation would not terminate next week is if the Judge did not feel it appropriate to. However, our argument is that it is appropriate to terminate her probation successfully.”

If the rumors about Kieffer are true, Jenelle’s judge may not find it appropriate to end her probation. We’ll all find out on Tuesday.

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