The Jenelle and Gary Saga — Are You Confused Yet?

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans and her on again, off again, boyfriend, Gary Head, have fans heads spinning. Are they together, or not?

On Thursday, Gary tweeted that he wanted to make a life with Jenelle, and that he was deactivating his Twitter account so he didn’t have to hear about all the drama.

“Deleting this Twitter account! It is only causing drama and I want Jenelle and I to have a good life without opinions. Jenelle still has my heart and I can’t get over her,” he said.

However, on Friday, Head was back online with and singing a different tune. “Jenelle Evans is a 2 time lying wh**e.” So, it looks like Jenelle and Gary got back together, and then broke up again, in the span of 24 hours. Does anyone else have whiplash?

UPDATE — Reportedly, Gary called Jenelle’s phone, and none other than Kieffer Delp answered, which prompted Gary to announce that he was done with Jenelle for good. Do you believe him?

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