Happy Birthday Leah Messer – 5 Things We Love About Her!

It’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ star, Leah Messer’s birthday! While fans are busy wishing Leah a wonderful day filled with friends, family, and love, let’s examine just why we love Leah!

1. She’s a great mom to Ali and Aleeah – Leah loves her beautiful twin girls more than anything!

2. She has a great relationship with her mother, Dawn – Not everyone has a parent they can depend on through thick and thin. Leah is fortunate enough to have her mom.

3. She’s not ashamed of her mistakes – Leah attends church regularly, and is not afraid to speak out about her faith. She says she knows she’s not perfect, but strives to be a better person.

4. She wears her heart on her sleeve – Leah is easy to relate to, because she’s an emotional person. Fans always know how she feels, and why.

5. She’s a country girl – Who doesn’t love a country girl? Leah doesn’t need the big city. She’s perfectly happy where she is.

Happy birthday Leah!


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