Exclusive! Jenelle Evans Says Gary Head Got Physical With Her

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend, Gary Head, announced they had split over the weekend. The couple, who dated for 4 months, were known to be on the rocks, after having an argument play out over Twitter. However, the argument turned physical, according to Jenelle.

Jenelle told Teen Mom News exclusively that Gary, who is a marine, got physical with her during an argument. “He basically slapped me in my face, and pinned me to my bed,” Evans said.

“The way he slammed me down my jaw got popped out of place, and he ended up punching me with his palm,” Jenelle revealed, adding that she had to “get ice for my cheek bone all night,” after the argument. Evans said she called the police, but decided not to press charges so she wouldn’t ruin Head’s career in the Marines.

Meanwhile, Gary says that he didn’t get violent with Jenelle. So, it seems it’s her word against his.