’16 and Pregnant’ Star Ebony Jackson Pregnant Again!

Former ’16 and Pregnant’ star, Ebon Jackson, and her husband, Josh Rendon are expecting again. Not surprised? Well…there’s more.

Fans may remember that Ebony and Josh were arrested late last year after the Department of Human Services raided their home, and found a disturbing scene. Feces, flies, maggots, and drug paraphernalia were all found on the scene. The couple’s daughter, Jocelyn, was removed from the home, and the couple lost custody.

Now, with Ebony 10 weeks pregnant, the couple still don’t have custody of their daughter, but see her during supervised visits. Hopefully, they’ve cleaned up their act, and are ready to regain custody of Jocelyn, and take care of the new child in a healthy environment.

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