What We’ll Miss About ‘Teen Mom’ — Gary Shirley’s One Liners!

‘Teen Mom’ fans were saddened when they heard that the original ‘Teen Mom’ cast will say goodbye after this Summer’s fourth season. Now, looking back on the past 3 seasons, and their ’16 and Pregnant’ episodes, we’re compiling a list of the things we’ll miss most about the cast!

1. Gary Shirley’s hilarious comebacks!

Okay, admit it, you’ve laughed out loud about something Gary has said on television. Whether he’s dressed up as the Easter Bunny, laughing about Amber Portwood’s “Picnic Life” comment, or simply saying “BUUDUDU BOP BOP BOO,” in response to Amber’s complaining, Gary is a riot, and a good dad to daughter, Leah. Check out the video below for one of Gary’s most memorable moments!