Maci Bookout and Kyle King Split? — Kyle Still Seeing Bentley!


‘Teen Mom’ fans were surprised to hear rumors that Maci Bookout and Kyle King had ended their 2-year relationship earlier this week. While Maci and Kyle haven’t confirmed anything, tabloids are running wild with the story.

Viewers may remember that Bookout and King once had a conversation about what would happen to Kyle and Bentley’s relationship if Maci and Kyle were ever to break up. Maci told Kyle that she didn’t want a bunch of men in Bentley’s life confusing him, because he already has a father. (Ryan Edwards, who Maci fought with about child support and custody last season.) So, what does this rumored break up mean for little Bentley?

On Wednesday night, King posted a photo of himself and Bentley with the hashtag “Rough.” Was this a goodbye, or will Maci allow Kyle to stay in her son’s life as a friend if the couple has split? Only time will tell.