Leah Messer’s BFF Says There’s More to The Divorce That Fans Didn’t See!


‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer took a lot of heat on Tuesday night as ‘Teen Mom 2’ aired. (The episode showed Leah admitting she had cheated on Corey the week before their wedding.) The MTV star stayed classy, and didn’t fire back at her haters after they began to pounce. However, that didn’t stop one of Messer’s best friends, Amy, from setting the record straight.

Amy not only told nasty fans where they could go, but also offered some little known information about what really went down during that time in Leah Messer and Corey Simms life. Fans will definitely be interested in what Amy had to say.

Here is a little bit of what Amy revealed via her Twitter account on Tuesday: “[The] sad part is Corey knew about this [cheating with Robbie] for a long time, and forgave her. They were FINE.. Then when things got rough and rocky, he told MTV, and then MTV wanted to film it. She didn’t have to “publicly” humiliate herself, but she did. Did he admit anything? Nope.”

“She choose to be open and honest, and film that MONTHS after Corey originally found out to show FANS that people make mistakes and that these things do happen. But honestly had there relationship stayed good he would’ve never told, and you would’ve never known. But he threw her under the bus when sh** hit the fan, and I f***ing hate that now she has to deal with this when she could’ve refused to film it.”

So why can Amy say all of this, and not Leah? Well, Messer has a strict contract with MTV, as does Corey Simms. However, Amy has never signed a contract. Therefore, she’s free to say anything she wants. It is interesting to hear a little more about what really went down, don’t you think?