Jenelle Evans Has Restraining Orders Dropped


‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans has had two restraining orders against her dropped. The embattled reality star, who has had her share of legal troubles, now has a much cleaner slate. Jenelle’s former roommate, Hannah Inman, dropped charges against Evans this week, making her protective order against the ‘Teen Mom’ void.

According to E! Online, another surprise came when Amber Lane, the girl from Jenelle Evans’ now infamous fight video, failed to show up to court, which lead to that case being dismissed. Jenelle’s lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, plans to let the appropriate channels know about the good marks on Evans record, and says he feels confident that the court date on February 13th regarding alleged harassing phone calls made by the ‘Teen Mom’ will fall in Jenelle Evans favor as well, because of the dropped restraining orders.