Jenelle Evans Debunks Adoption Rumors!


‘Teen Mom 2’ star, Jenelle Evans, isn’t pushing her mother, Barbara,  to adopt her son, Jace, despite what some tabloids may be reporting. Evans revealed that recent gossip about her partying ways, and wanting to unload Jace on Barbara were a bunch of lies, and that she’s simply getting done what she needs to do for herself before she regains custody of her adorable little boy.

Jenelle Evans plan includes getting herself established in a stable home, earning money, getting her legal troubles sorted out, and getting a degree. “My mother will never adopt Jace. That tabloid is just another lie. As usual. I’m getting myself 100% straightened out before I get him back,” Jenelle revealed. The ‘Teen Mom’ fully expects to have full custody of Jace back in the near future.