Ashley Salazar Reunites with The Father of her Daughter!

Ashley Salazar is one of the most memorable ’16 and Pregnant’ cast members. The ‘Bittersweet Blessing’ author, who struggled with her decision to give up her daughter, Callie, for adoption, has reunited with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Lane.

Some fans saw this as a bad idea, and believed that Ashley and Justin would try to regain custody of their daughter from her adoptive parents, who also happen to be Salazar’s Aunt and Uncle. “I think the only thing that I want to make clear is that I am not with Justin to regain custody of Callie. I and WE would never, ever do that. No way! She is so well taken care of,” Ashley Salazar revealed to Starcasm.

The former ’16 and Pregnant’ star also announced that her family isn’t thrilled about the love reunion. “My family is having trouble because they don’t really approve of what happened in the past, so they are honestly really disappointed in me. It’s hard on both of us, but he’s trying to prove to them with time that it won’t be the same. I pray that it will get better with time,” said Salazar.