‘Teen Mom’ Recap: Dogs and Drama

Maci Bookout

Maci and Kyle, who are now living together, are doing well. They are a happy family together with little Bentley, who obviously loves Kyle very much. (Who would have guessed from their first meeting?!) Ryan (Well, mostly Ryan’s mother.) is wondering if the couple are living together, and if it’s a good idea for Bentley.

Ryan asks Maci if she and Kyle are shacking up, and she comes clean. The king of yawn doesn’t seem too surprised or upset about the news. However, Grandma Edwards doesn’t like what she hears. It seems that Ryan will be looking in to taking Maci to court over


Sophia picks out a puppy.Farra h Abraham

Farrah is relieved when she finds out she’s passed all of her classes, meaning she can graduate. As a gift to herself and daughter, Sophia, The single momma decides to buy an adorable little puppy. Sophia seems to love the new dog, but Farrah gets upset when it doesn’t come potty trained. She even sat the dog on the actual toliet! (True story!)

However, Farrah’s mom doesn’t want animals in her rental home, so the ‘Teen Mom’ has to keep it a secret. (She might want to let Sophia in on that one!) The toddler won’t stop talking about the dog, and Farrah’s mom eventually finds out about it. But, she loves her granddaughter too much to take the puppy away.

Catelynn catches up with retreat co-founder, Jen.Catelynn Lowell

Catelynn returns to the birth mothers retreat, and this time she brings a friend, Paige. The girls talk about their feelings on adoption, their children, and all the issues that go along with giving their children up for adoption. Lowell gets a little worried when she hears that some of the girls adoptive parents have closed their adoption. Catelynn also reveals that she feels very guilty about not being in constant contact with Brandon and Theresa.


Amber Portwood

Amber and Gary are still at each other’s throats, and can’t agree on anything. When Leah’s birthday comes around, Gary decides that he wants to have separate parties. This angers Portwood, who doesn’t make an appearance at Leah’s party. Instead, Amber and her friend take Leah out for dinner later in the day, but the 2-year-old doesn’t want to cooperate.